Adding a Multiple Choice Question in Audit Builder

This article will explain how to add 'multiple choice' response types in the Audit Builder (i.e. Yes, No etc).

  1. Insert the Question, Score and Notes required for the question
  2. Edit the multiple choice answers in the table below – you can add an additional answer by clicking Add Option button
  3. In the score column, you can assign the value that each answer will score – For example if 'Yes' is a positive response, it can be worth a score of 5, whereas an answer of 'No' would score a 0 
  4. If you required an ‘N/A’ response, you can include the N/A option and choose the value of the score as ‘-1’ – this will remove the question from the overall score should N/A be chosen by the respondent
  5. You can flag required Corrective Actions or Attachments from the respondents should certain answers be selected. E.g. if the respondent selects ‘No’ for the questions ‘Are all procedures visible?’ – there can be a required Corrective Action for the respondent to create and assign a task to a staff member to correct this

    Similar can be done for attachments, if someone answers ‘No’ to the questions ‘Is the area tidy?’ – we can create a required attachment for the respondent to take a photo and upload to the audit
  6. Once you are happy with the question, click Save