How to process the BHP Special Dividend 2022

In general, a corporate action with special dividend in shares or cash, there is some tax implication which the company should provide. 

It is either: 

  1. Enter the full income part (so pay tax on the dividend as a normal fully franked divided) AND buy XXX WDS @ $29.76 buy price; or 

  2. Ignore the income part but just buy XXX WDS @ $0 buy price (you can put a note of $29.76 cost in the comment field); or

  3. Something in between depends on the tax implication letter accompanied with this issue. 

According to the Dividend Statement from some customers, I would suggest to add an income record with share issue, like a DRP, enter the number of shares and cost price. After that, go to the Holding record and double click that BHP new share record and change the code BHP to WDS.