How to Create a New Template in Audit Builder

This article will explain how to create new templates and checklists in the Audit Builder

  1. Access the Audit Builder

  1. click New Template to create a new inspection
  2. This will direct you to the Audit Builder with four sample responses to show the different answer types:
      • Multiple Choice – this has a few options on how you can view there:
        • Checkbox – for multiple answer options
        • Radio Button – allows one response only
        • Button – larger sized buttons à more compatible with phones and tablets
        • Combo Box – dropdown showing possible answers (this would be best if there are many multiple choice answers
      • Slider Response – here you can pick two values for the respondent to choose between (e.g. 1-5, 1-10 etc.)
      • Number Response – this is a general numeric response (e.g. reading from a meter).
      • Free Text - a text box for general comments/anecdotal feedback
  1. Click on the Add Question button to create a new question, or click on the Pencil button to edit an existing question
    • Question – this is the text that will be displayed for the respondent to answer
    • Score – this is the max score that is allocated to this specific question – Please note, if you do not want the question to be scored, you can change the score to 0.
    • Note – this is supporting text that will show underneath the question – usually used for the respondent to know how to address the question
    • Type – this is where we choose which type of response for the question
  2. Click Save to save your question and response options
  3. You can create/edit Categories by selecting the + icon to create a new Category or the Pencil Icon to rename the selected Category. To delete the selected category, click the red cross