How to Add a Portfolio (Advanced)

  1. Click on the “Portfolio” prompt within the Navigation Bar to open the Portfolio screen

  2. Utilize the “Add” prompt at the top of the Centre Window to open the Add Portfolio pop up

  3. Configure/Fill Portfolio Options as required:
    1. Code: The portfolio code will appear in the portfolio
    2. Name: The portfolio name is the description of the portfolio
    3. Marginal Tax Rate: By default the marginal tax rate will be set at 47% however the field can be updated
    4. Account: The account option allows you to link a bank account to your portfolio this can also be done after the portfolio has been created
    5. Type: The portfolio type allows you to select what kind of portfolio you wish to create; you can select multiple types or you can leave the options blank
    6. Expected Allocation: The expected allocation field is your investment strategy, the total expected allocation must add up to 100%
  4. Press "OK" to save your changes. The new portfolio will now be added to your database.