How to Use the Risk Library

This article will explain how to navigate and use the Risk Register

Navigate to the Risk Register
  1. The top level navigation allow the user to filter the results in your list based on groups, categories and tags etc
  2. The second level menu allows the user to create and edit risks

    1. Add Risk from Library - allows the user to add a Risk based on the library of pre-built templates
    2. Add Risk - allows the user to add a custom Risk based on their needs
    3. Delete - if any risk(s) are ticked, it will remove the selected risks from the register
    4. Set Risk Matrix - this allows the user to customise the risk matrix set in the register. Able to be customised to 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5. Also allows customisation for labels
    5. Print List - Generates a pdf copy of the risk register
    6. Generate SWMS Doc - if any risk(s) are ticked, it will generate them into a SWMS Doc
      Note: it will navigate the user to the SWMS Doc Register