How to add Custom Questionnaires to a Client

1. Locate the client in question, and select the “…” next to the client’s name.

2. Locate the module selection tool on the right hand side of the screen, and score down to the “Questionnaire & Audit” category, to locate the “Custom Questionnaire” or “MAUS Questionnaire” section, from here you can tick on the relevant questionnaires.

  • Note, if you have not already, you will also need to tick on “Diagnostic and audit” under the “Assessment and Analysis” heading.

3. Once you have selected the relevant questionnaires, you can select save to save these changes. You can also review these changes easily by selecting the “View Client Report” prompt which will take you directly into the clients account. Once in the clients account, you can locate the custom questionnaire within the “Assessment & Analysis” section of the left hand menu.