How to create recurring assessments/scenarios

Within the Maus Questionnaires module, you can setup automatically recurring assessments which can be sent to your clients, and utilized within ValueMax

To begin, enter your client's account in the Maus Hub. Choose the Questionnaires area from the lefthand menu and choose which ValueMax questionnaire you would like to send to the client to update. 

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 7.28.36 PM

Click the orange New Questionnaire button:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 7.31.37 PM

Select recurring assessment:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 7.32.20 PM

Rename the questionnaire in line with your road map, e.g. "Quarterly Business Attractiveness Assessment" or "Annual Business Attractiveness Questionnaire". Confirm the information for the client receiving the questionnaire and enter your email and the email of any others on your team who would like to automatically receive the results (the results will also be present within the system to review on demand), and the content of the email they will receive prompting them to complete the questionnaire at your chosen cadence. 

After entering all of the relevant information, hit "Next" to complete the process. Doing so will drop you into the first instance for the questionnaire, and this questionnaire will recur per your configurations.