How to Manage CPI for Sale in regards to Shares purchased pre 1999

When you sell shares purchased prior to 1999 shares (e.g. a purchase made in 1995) that has lost involved, the individual transaction may have shown it may be better to use CPI method.

However, Stockmarket Plus will run the second round check at a portfolio level to check if each individual record would generate a lower CGT if choose a discounted method vs CPI method. And that won’t be reflected in each individual level but in the summary section.

Note: You can manually turn off this feature by opening the CPI window, change to CPI rate in 1999 September from 123.4 to 113.4.  This is because CPI is frozen on Sept 1999 if CPI method is used and by changing to 113.4,  it is almost certain it is not worth it to use CPI method.