How to perform a Takeover

In general, any takeover will involve the following steps:

  1. A change of the Cost Base/Quantity ratio: Use Stock Split to adjust the quantity and buy price. Enter ratio: Old 2010 New 1256. You can find some tips on this process HERE if you need.
  2. A Change of Company name/Security: Use Change Company Name to change Templeton to WGB. In the current version of Stockmarket Plus, you will see a prompt for this during the split:
  3. A Cash Component: Add an income record if there is any cash component. We also have some tips on this process HERE.

We highly recommend confirming the specific details of the takeover you are attempting to perform, as they are often unique and have components that you will need to be aware of prior to processing. If you need to confirm the details, please reach out to your broker or review the publicly provided information from the companies in question.