How to Send an eMail link for a Questionnaire to a Client.

1. Select the questionnaire you would like to set up via the “Assessment & Analysis” or “ValueMax Program” headings on the left hand menu.
    1. For Valuemax: Access Valuemax, and ensure you are in the correct Scenario via the Scenario Drop down box at the top of the page. From here, select either “Business Assessment” or “Personal Assessment” to enter the relevant screen, and finally click on “Assess” next to the questionnaire you wish to perform.
    2. For Questionnaires: Access Questionnaires via the left-hand menu, and click on the assessment you need to access within the sub menu. When delivered to the next screen select either “Add New” to create a new instance of the questionnaire, or click on the client’s name (Highlighted in blue) to access the questionnaire.
2. Once you have located the questionnaire you would like to share you can utilize the “Send email link to client” prompt within the “Reports/Tools” to generate and send an email to your client with a link to the questionnaire:

3.    At this point you can either type the clients email address in to the “Email” field, and send it from the system, or copy+paste the “Click this link to answer” prompt into your preferred email client to send it with your email signature etc.


4. Once they receive the link, they can access the questionnaire with one click. I would recommend asking them to notify you once they have completed the questionnaire, as the system does not provide notifications on non ValueMax questionnaire completions as of yet (we are currently testing this in ValueMax and will role out this feature to the whole system at a later date.)