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How to update and older Stockmarket Plus Database file to be compatible with the current version of Stockmarket Plus

Receiving an error which states "Your Database was created by an older version of the software"? Database file need upgrading?

If you receive an error message upon uploading your database file into your new Stockmarket Plus which states "Your Database was crated by an older version of the software", chances are it will need to be upgraded to the more stable, 64 bit format. To do so simply follow the instructions below. Note this should only occur if you are moving from a version that is V13 or older.

If your database file (stock.db) is 10mb or less it will need to be sent via email. The email must be sent to Technical Support – support@stockmarketplus.com.au .

Please include the following details to ensure your database is received correctly:

  1. Enter into the Subject line, “db to 64”
  2. Make sure to include your full name and contact details including contact number in the body of the email.

If the database is over 10mb you will need to contact us and we can arrange a secure file transfer for you using DropBox.

To do this, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Send an email to support@stockmarket.com.au
  2. Enter into the Subject line, “db file request”
  3. Include your full name and a phone number in the contents of the email.
  4. We will reply with a link you can use to upload your stock.db file
  5. Follow the instructions on screen to attach and send your file, and include your name and contact information along with the file.