How to Use the Find & Replace Function

This article will explain how you can replace a word or phrase across all documents at once

Navigate to the Policies Manager

  1. Select the chosen manual you wish to perform the find & replace
  2. Select Find & Replace on the top toolbar
  3. In the text box, type the word or phrase you are looking to replace
    Note: in the togglebox, you can indicate if you want to scan just the title of the documents or the entire contents of the manual

  4. Click Search to begin the scan
  5. In the list below, will show all results that match your chosen phrase
  6. Tick on the document(s) you wish to replace the word or phrase
    Note: you can quickly tick on/off every document using the Check All and Uncheck All buttons 
  7. In the text box below, type the word or phrase you wish your results to be replaced with 
  8. Click Replace to confirm