How to View Your Policy Log

This article will explain how to view your previous archived versions for a particular document

Method 1: Begin by navigating to the Policies Manager, Enter the policy tree, and Access the Manual you wish to review.

  1. Click on the document you wish to view the history of
  2. Click the Policy Log button
    Note, if the policy is still in version 1.0, you will not be able to view a log.
  3. The Policy Logs window display the details of the Policy you have selected. On the left hand side of the window you can view each iteration of that policy – This can be useful to review or recover older versions of a policy.

Method 2: Begin by navigating to the Policies Manager

  1. Access the "Policy Log List" prompt in the left hand sub menu
  2. Select the Manual which contains the content you wish to review
  3. Select the Node in question
  4. Review and navigate through the versions as required