What does each main area of the system do?

MAUS Stockmarket Plus is an easy to use high-end portfolio management tool that will allow you to keep track of investments in multiple portfolios.

Users are able to create unlimited portfolios providing the ability to pinpoint the exact financial status of a portfolio at any given time. Users are also able to download prices directly into the program to update the entire value of all portfolios. With these prices the charting and graphing facility may be used to plot stock price movements and create separate watch lists.

The Portfolio window

This is the heart of MAUS Stockmarket Plus. It is the main screen from which you navigate to other areas of the program. The screen is split into two different areas. On the left-hand side are the portfolios that you create. Each one has a Portfolio folder located on the right-hand side, which gives you a summary view of your assets in the portfolio

The Security window

The Security window allows you to maintain a database of equities, options/warrants, fixed interest, indices, properties and other investments as well as view, sort and filter the securities on many criteria including sector and industry (for more detailed information on the Security Window, please see Chapter 5).

The Price history window

The Price history window is where you update and maintain price information on the securities. This can be done by either manually entering the data, importing a file containing price data or by taking advantage of the MAUS daily data service and the MAUS historical data CD-ROM (for more detailed information on the Price History Window, please see Chapter 8)

The Reporting facilities

MAUS Stockmarket Plus allows you to produce many different types of reports which can be generated on criteria such as on a particular portfolio or all portfolios, summary or detail, realised or unrealised and dates. You can also sort and filter the contents of a report on any field you wish (for more detailed information on the Reporting Facility, please see Chapter 9)

The Charting facilities

MAUS Stockmarket Plus provides charting tools, which allow you to plot share prices in the form of Line (with moving average), , Comparison, Line & Volume, and Hi-Low-Close charts (for more detailed information on the Charting Facility, please see Chapter 10)