Overview Tab (Masterplan Lean)

In this section you will be providing details regarding the business itself, including details such as the background of the Business & Customer Testimonials.

This Tab of the plan is split into 2 sections, “Business Overview” & “Assumptions”, with “Business Overview” requiring you to input text regarding the business, and “Assumptions” will be confirming details such as currency type, name of applicable tax, etc.

Within the Assumptions Subtab, you will be establishing a baseline for the rest of the plan, particularly in the "Year" and "Month" fields. Please be aware that this dictates when the FIRST projected month will be. For example, "Year: 2023" & "Month: 01" will mean your first projected month will be January 2023.


Is there a limit to how much text I can input into the fields on this page?

  • Yes, as the plan produced is intended to be as “Lean” as possible. Each field is uniquely limited to provide the best possible output in your final Plan, with the limitation shown in the system next to each prompt.

Can I change the year/month? Will this effect the plan if i've entered data elsewhere?

  • Yes, you can change this at will, however you will have to consider what previous financial data you have input into the plan and weather or not this needs to be updated.