Performing an Assessment

Understanding how to make the most of your assessments is critical when utilizing ValueMax to increase business value, identify gaps within your business, and more!

When accessing an assessment within ValueMax, you will have to first navigate to the Business Assessment or Personal Assessment tabs, and select "Assess" next to your desired Assessment. 

After doing so, you will be delivered to the assessment proper. Each assessment within our platform will contain a number of categories, which be navigated via the Previous/Next prompts at the top left of the page, or via the drop down box next to these prompts:

Within each category, there will be a number of questions, each of these will include a title in addition to the full question itself:

And provide you with the opportunity to respond via a qualitative slider (traditionally on a 1 - 6 scale) and a comment box for additional details, justifications or insights.

While the system will primarily leverage the scores you input when providing you with your final ValueMax score, you will find the comments invaluable when reviewing these tasks and beginning your remediation process. 

Simply move through the assessment, responding to the questions presented. If a question is not relevant to the business, leave the answer as "N/A". The system will not include the "N/A" responses within the final score.

Once you have completed your assessment, you can click "Return to ValueMax" move to your next task.

Note: Saving is important! The system will automatically save when you transition form one category to the next, or click the "Return to ValueMax" prompt, however if you are half way through a category and need to leave the assessment/device you are responding on, please ensure that you save prior to doing so.