Report Tab

Here, you will be able to create reports from the individual sections of the ValueMax2.0 process, in addition to creating amalgamated reports from multiple sections of ValueMax2.0. This section of ValueMax has a number of sections, including:

High Level Reports

Here, you can create summary reports from sections of the ValueMax2.0 program, with the option to combine these reports together as needed. 

In addition to the reports for single sections, there are also 2 reports that will summarize the ValueMax program as a whole, the "One Page Exit Plan" and the "One Page Exit Plan Scorecard". These are two similar reports which position the information differently.


Value Gap Report

Within this section, you are able to pull the full Value Gap report, which is also available within the "Value Gap" tab.


Single Assessment Reports

This area within the "Reports" tab, you are able to pull reports specific to the Business and Personal assessments within the ValueMax2.0 program. There is a wide selection of reports that can be facilitated from these assessments:

The primary reports you will wish to leverage from this section are the:

  • Gap Analysis: We recommend reviewing this report before the Action Plan, as it outlays all of the questions within the assessment, provides not only the responses & scores, but also some context for the questions, why they were asked and how they link to the exit planning process.
  • Action Plan: After understanding the questions asked, context of the questions and responses provided, you can then move to the action plan which will provide you with a selection of recommended actions positioned within an accountability framework to help you identify what needs to change prior to exit, what your priority order should be and how you will achieve this within the business.

We recommend reviewing these reports, in addition to the other reports from the system to ensure to help you best understanding the results and findings of the assessment process.

Combined Assessment Reports

Juxtaposing the previous section, this section allows you to produce reports which take the most recently completed instance of each of the ValueMax2.0 assessments and amalgamates them into a single report. Similar to the Single Assessment reports, you have a few options here. We recommend leveraging the "Priority Action" report which allows you to select a score threshold and produce an amalgamated action plan showing all items which are below or at the threshold. This report will allow you to quickly identify the lowest scores provided and begin remediation without delay. 

Take the time to review the reporting options from this section, and incorporate them into your overall Exit Strategy.

Summary Report

Allows you to generate a PowerPoint report summarizing all of the key outcomes from the ValueMax2.0 results. We recommend leveraging this if you need to present the results to an individual or group, and to supplement it with some of the reporting options.

Comparison Report

Within the "Comparison Report" section, you can select multiple recurrences of the same assessment, for example the Business Attractiveness assessment. After performing one or more recurrence, you will be able to see the various responses for each recurrence, and compare them against each other: 

This is extremely valuable when working to understand the longer term trajectory of the business, the exit readiness efforts, success of implementation and more.