Competitor Tab (Masterplan Lean)

Moving from the Marketing Tab to the Competitor Tab, we will be continuing on the same train of thought, where you will now be required to input the basic details of your competitors, and provide a break down of how you perform in comparison to them.

You will be using the same process as the previous Tabs to add/remove competitors from the list, input the subjective data regarding the competitors, and also utilize the dropdown box to select how you match up against them in regards to Price & Marketing.


Is there a limit to how many competitors I can include?

  • Yes, the system is capped at 12 Competitors to ensure that the final plan is succinct and “Lean”. Should you be aware of more than 12 Competitors, you may wish to group you segments together based on similarities.

Is there a Limit to the amount of text I can input into the boxes in this section?

  • Yes, as the plan produced is intended to be as “Lean” as possible. Each field is uniquely limited to provide the best possible output in your final Plan.