What are the Steps to Start a Questionnaire in a Client Account?

1. Select the questionnaire you would like to set up via the “Assessment & Analysis” heading on the left hand menu. Once in the following screen, you will need to locate the “Add new” Prompt.

2. After selecting “Add new” you will have the opportunity to name this instance of the questionnaire (in the event that you intend to perform this questionnaire for the same client in the future for any reason), and can also ensure that only the correct individuals within your client’s business can edit/view the questionnaire. Once you are happy with your questionnaire’s configuration, you can press next.

3. This will bring you into the questionnaire, where you can start answering the questions with the client. You will also notice that you will have the ability to export the questionnaire to excel if you require:

Or you can utilize the “Send email link to client” prompt within the “Reports/Tools” to generate and send an email to your client with a link to the questionnaire:


4. You will also note that the questionnaire has been added to the page imaged in step 2, should you wish to access it again moving forward: