What can I do in the "Income" window

To access the Current Transactions window, select the Portfolio in question and press the “+” symbol next to it to expand sub folders. You should notice Shares | Funds | Fixed Interest as the first available sub folder which will have a “+” next to it. When clicking this “+” 3 sub folders will expand which will allow you to manage your stocks and income items. These three subfolders include the Current Transactions Window, The Disposed Transactions Window and the Income window.

Within the Income window, you can record/view your income items such as Dividends. This can be achieved via the “Add”, “Modify” and “Delete” prompts at the top of the window:

Furthermore, you can also utilize the “Upcoming Dividend” prompt within the Application Bar to show all Dividends that have been announced on the AXS. Using the “Add Dividend” prompt the system will cross reference these records with your portfolio & provide you with a list of Dividend items that are relevant to you, and can be added to your portfolio via the “OK” prompt.