What Can I do in the Portfolio Window?

A portfolio consists of the investments that have been acquired over time. MAUS Stockmarket Plus lets you split these assets into different groups for reporting and management purposes.

When creating a portfolio, you are able to specify whether the portfolio is a company portfolio, an individual portfolio or a superannuation fund portfolio (this can also be changed later). If you wish to create and manage an individual portfolio you are in luck, as the as the individual portfolio is the default for all newly created portfolios within Stockmarket Plus. By selecting one of these portfolio options you are setting up MAUS Stockmarket Plus to apply the relevant taxation situation to that portfolio. You can even have the portfolio linked to a margin lending account by checking the “Margin Lending” tickbox.

The Portfolio section (and its sub sections) allow you to:

  • Add/modify/delete a portfolio
  • Add a stock/warrant/option/trust/managed fund/bond/debenture to a portfolio
  • Add an original/dividend/rights issue/dividend/bonus issue/short sell/write
  • Add a stock with similar details as an old stock
  • Sell a selected stock in the portfolio
  • Group sell a stock in a portfolio
  • Adjust the stock price for stock splits
  • Add a second payment on an instalment warrant/stock
  • Add a capital return to a stock
  • Import/Export buy and sell details
  • View stock price history
  • Include a property as part of a portfolio
  • Include a cash account as part of a portfolio
  • Display a pie chart for the selected portfolio
  • Display a properties window for the selected portfolio
  • Modify/delete a transaction record
  • Sort or filter transaction records
  • Add a Quick “Dividend per Share” record
  • Add a new dividend/trust distribution record
  • Delete a dividend/trust distribution record
  • Modify a dividend/trust distribution record
  • Sort and filter dividend/trust distribution records
  • Print dividend/trust distribution records
  • Purchase/sell an “other” investment record
  • View purchased/sold “other” investments
  • Delete an “other” investment record
  • Modify an “other” investment record
  • Print an “other” investment record
  • Export dividend/trust distribution records