What to do when you receive the "MSVCP100.dll file is missing from the PC" Error

We would recommend speaking with Microsoft, or any other trusted PC assistance/troubleshooting/technician company who can assist with troubleshooting the error as this error is not linked with Stockmarket Plus but actually a windows related issue. For some context, this is a file which should be present in windows but doesn’t appear to be present on your device. From what we understand you are able to download the missing file and input it into your PC, however our team here are not trained to resolve issues outside of the MAUS range and as such we would highly recommend getting a trained professional to review this and insure that it is not indicative of a larger issue present in your PC.

After some further checking, we have had one other client in the past who experienced this (who was utilizing a different product), and they were able to resolve it by reaching out to Microsoft directly who were able provide the client with a quick fix for this error. As you will see from THIS google search, it is not something that is specific to Stockmarket Plus as it is required by other programs, and has been an on and off issue for windows for the past 5+ years.

There are some resources HERE, HERE and HERE from various sources which discuss this error