Why has a database corruption occurred?

It can be rather difficult to pinpoint exactly how a file corruption occurs, as it is usually a combination of a few circumstances, a “perfect storm” if you will. A few example situations are:

  • Stockmarket Plus is running (i.e. open) when the computer shuts down without performing the shut down procedure. This can be the result of a power outage, blown fuse, or a manual forced shutdown.
  • Stockmarket Plus is saving (i.e. closing) while the system is making changing in the background, such as a windows update, or other directory change.
  • A system in place within the PC (such as an antivirus or other protection software) can prevent Stockmarket Plus from saving/closing correctly.

These are just a few examples. This kind of situation could occur with any file during saving, and is not unique to Stockmarket Plus. You may notice that during windows updates the system says something along the lines of ‘Do not power off during update’ etc, this is because when a PC is in the process writing and amendment of files, a corruption can occur when this process is halted or stalled unexpectedly.

I do hope that this gives you some background info on the situation, and maybe allowed you to recall previous similar instances where a corruption has occurred in other files.