Error: SQLSTATE=08001 Database Not Found/SQLSTATE=08001 Cannot Connect to Database

A database not found error can be caused by two possible issues:

1. There is no stock.db file located in the standard location (install folder) or the location of a custom profile (if you are utilizing this feature)

If this is the case, simply copy and paste a backup of the latest stock.db file into the installation folder and the software will operate correctly. (Please see method 2 within the relevant article HERE)


2. There is a corruption of the stock.db file which is preventing the software from correctly identifying and running the file.
    1. To resolve this,  restore a backup stock.db file by copying and pasting the backup over the top of the damaged file (Please see method 2 within the relevant article HERE)
    2. This should resolve the issue immediately, if not, please send the stock.db file to to review and debug the file. Be aware that a complex debugging carries a fee of $165, you will be notified about this fee prior to the complex debugging taking place. 

If you would like more information on why your database may have corrupted, click HERE