How to Create 'Recurring Audits'

Go to the HSEQ Management Dashboard and select the ‘Audits & Inspections’ tile  

Once inside the ‘Audits & Inspections’ actions page, select ‘Add New’ Audit

On the ‘New Audit’ screen, choose the ‘Template’ that you have built out within the ‘Audit Builder’ Register (To learn more about creating these templates click here)

On this same screen, you will need to fill out the required information for: 
  1. Set the Title: Create a title for the audit 
  2. Set ‘who can edit/view’: Select the users that you would like to have editing rights, as well as the users that you would like to have viewing rights of the ‘Audit’ 
    1. Note: Anyone ticked on in the ‘edit’ field will receive an email notification to complete the audit and any subsequent audits linked. 
    2. Responsible user(s) will receive an email prior to the first audit start date (if the first audit start date is today, they will receive the email immediately) 
  3. Setting the Frequency: How often do you want the ‘Audit’ to be created and assigned to a user. Would you like it to be ‘Single’ or ‘Recurring’? 
    1. The drop-down box allows you to configure the frequency of your ‘Adult’ recurrence (Whether it be singular, weekly or monthly, etc.) based on your requirements.  
  4. ‘Notifications’: Who receives a notification after someone has completed an Audit?
    1. If you have selected users to be notified after an audit has been completed. They will receive a full ‘Word Documented Report’ that would include the name & date of when it was completed.  

Select ‘Next’ to create the Audit.