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How to Install Stockmarket Plus

Please follow the below steps to ensure a smooth installation of Stockmarket Plus

  1. Click on the link provided at the time of purchase, or click HERE  to download Stockmarket Plus. This will begin installation through your default web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge).
    1. Note: you will need an active Stockmarket Plus subscription in order to access the tool once installed. If you do not have an Active Stockmarket Plus subscription, please review our pricing options HERE.
  2. Once downloaded click on the StockMarket Plus file and click "Run". This will then take you through a short installation wizard which you can proceed through by clicking "Next" and then finally the "Install" button.
  3. Once the installation is completed, run StockMarket Plus, and log in using your Username (email address) and password. 

    Please Click HERE if you need to restore an a data file from the previous version of Stockmarket Plus and require some tips. 
    Receiving an error which states "Your Database was crated by an older version of the software? Database file need upgrading? Click HERE for some tips on this process.